Music is my first love. I love all music. Every aspect of it. From opera to grunge. My favourite all time band has got to be Radiohead. I have a diploma in music. I was classically taught but have all ways played by ear. I learned how to play a recorder at the age of 6 and then learned the clarinet at age 11.The bagpipes I taught myself at the age of 12. I then asked my parents for an alto sax at age 14 and again, taught myself to play it. A year after., my parents hired a base clarinet and I learned how to play it in that afternoon. By the age of 15, I realised I had a really nice singing voice covering quite a range. I STILL occasionally sing but unfortunately ,I had a nodule on my vocal chord about 12 years ago which Was quartered but now I sound alot huskier… After my mum passed away, which was 14 years ago. I found I had a hidden talent. Gardening. Prior to that, I didn’t even know how to pot a plant. It’s amazing what you can do, when faced with a challenge that was completely alien to me. I’m a pretty good cook as well if that is considered to be a skill. That pretty much sums up my skills in reality . However, I do possess another skill. Or one might call it a gift ! Let’s just say it’s in my book of life and is the gift of knowing. precognition is one of my stronger sciences. So that’s about it folks.


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